Corporate Sponsorship

Creating Space is a small, non-profit community arts studio.  We provide free art supplies, snacks, space to get creative and volunteer art facilitators.  We also offer pay-what-you-can art workshops.  Creating Space is a low barrier community resource, and all are welcome. 

We are seeking corporate and community sponsorship to maintain our fabulous new space in downtown Peterborough. We have a beautiful studio space in the the old PCVS school building, downstairs in Room 17. Part of being as low barrier as possible requires a familiar, accessible location. Within our Corporate Sponsorship Benefits Package, we offer many perks to organizations who partner with us.  We would also be happy to co-create a personalized a benefits plan for your organization.

Creating Space generates opportunities for dialogue, skill sharing, and relationship-building between people across socio-economic backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities. It fosters self-directed experiences of creativity, learning, and leadership.  It encourages innovative re-use and recycling, invites experimentation, fosters community and builds emotional and relational resilience.  Our mission is to use art-making as a tool to give voice and expression to those who have not traditionally had access to the arts due to lack of funds, lack of accessibility, or social stigma. 

​Currently, during our 3 days per week schedule, 100 people each month access our services producing paintings, collage, sculpture, poetry, dance, sewing, clay, plaster, jewelry, stamping, screen printing, and more.  We also pay artists to host workshops.  Our participants are about 80% female, ranging in ages 3 to 80, and hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds. We also often have families bringing in their children or grandchildren, seniors or groups of friends. 

Over the past two years, we have been funded by the United Way and generous individual community sponsors.  We have kindly been housed through donated or low-cost space at Seeds of Change, The John Howard Society of Peterborough, and Emmanuel United Church West. As of October 2019, we signed a lease for space in the old PCVS building – and it’s beautiful! We’re SO excited.

We established a Patreon crowd-funding account to give our supporters an opportunity to help out with this next phase of stabilization and growth: renting a more accessible, familiar, stable location for our program participants.

To make this dream possible, we need about $1000 a month to cover the cost of rent, insurance, snacks, art supplies, and fees associated with running this little nonprofit. We hope you share our vision of an accessible, welcoming, creative space, and will partner with us on a monthly basis to maintain it in our community. ​

​If you believe Creating Space enriches downtown Peterborough, we invite you to become a member.  Any monthly amount would be much appreciated and used with utmost care.  Thank you for your consideration! 

To become a Creating Space sponsoring member, please go to our Patreon page at or contact us directly by phoning 705-808-5645 or by emailing We look forward to hearing from you and building a partnership that benefits both of our organizations as well as the community of Peterborough.  


The Creating Space Board of Directors:

Marion Little, President
Susan Bacque, Vice-President & Secretary
Michelle Martin, Treasurer
Myria Stalteri, Member-at-Large, Programming Cttee
Gloria Proctor-Bennett, Social Media Cttee


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